AACEP Leading the Path on Academic Quality Assurance

AACEP leads the path on the academic quality assurance that guarantees the quality of the institutes and the authenticity of the degree that are getting from that particular institute. Academic quality assurance is evidence that the expected level of quality of academic activity has been achieved or maintained. "Academic activities" generally include education, training, scholarships and research training, to obtain high degrees through research. The mechanisms (systems, processes, and procedures) used to show these results are often referred to as quality assurance systems, quality systems, or even just "quality assurance".

With students, employers, governments, and education partners increasingly aware that the demand for quality education has never been higher, quality education is the key to laying the groundwork for success. At the same time, students are getting more information than ever and feeling confused with a variety of seller options and delivery methods. The AACEP accreditation provides future students with transparency and confidence that suppliers are reliable and meets a set of generally accepted standards.