Scholarships for Young Engineers based on Sustainability

Five future pioneering engineers from the institutes accredited from AACEP were the first one to receive a special grant designed to develop students' talent, passion, and courage to achieve global sustainability.

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AACEP Leading the Path on Academic Quality Assurance

AACEP leads the path on the academic quality assurance that guarantees the quality of institutes and the authenticity of the degree that are getting from that particular institute.

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AACEP Regional Conference in Chicago starts in February!

AACEP 2020 kicks off in February and we are looking forward to meeting representatives from accredited institutions as well as many other faces!

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American Association of Certified Engineering Professionals Council Launched the Engineering Deans Commission

Helen Allen, Dean of the American Association of Certified Engineering Professionals Council in the United States, managed establishment of the Deans Commission of Engineering Institutes..

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from the President

Our foremost strength lies in valuing higher education and looking forward to ensure the finest higher academic standards across the globe for Universities, colleges and high schools in the Architectural Engineering and Project management sector.

Our Vision

Our accreditation body aims at the improvement of engineering and project management education in the United States and acquire leading position among other accreditation bodies.

Our Mission

AACEP strives to provide guidance to all engineering and project management institutes in sustaining their education standards that are aligned with the criteria set by the Architectural Engineering and Project management industry.