AACEP Benefits

  • AACEP accreditation improves your career prospects in the architecture engineering industry.
  • AACEP accreditation adds credibility to your degree and provides acceptance of employers all over the world.
  • Increase acceptance rate amongst engineering institutions/employers.

AACEP Database

AACEP Database aims for the individuals including academics, employers and students looking for the certified information related to the engineering institutions and programs.
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Global Chapters

AACEP has regional chapters and existence in various locations to enable its international accreditation process for engineering institutions.

AACEP has developed chapters to support quality standards for non-traditional and traditional engineering institutes and organizations in different regions all over the world. We have experts in its team who are well aware of the educational dynamics and possess the knowledge to serve fields.

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American Association of Certified Engineering Professionals Framework Standards and Guidelines

The American Association of Certified Engineering Professionals Framework Standards and Guidelines create the basis upon which the agreement to grant AACEP label to accreditation and quality assurance agencies is finalized.

They are envisioned to be widely applicable and inclusive so they can be implemented to all engineering branches and reflect the engineering degree programs. AACEP offers the education required for graduates to join the engineering profession and to have their qualifications accredited.

It is known that AACEP does not recognize engineering degree programs. The standards identified by aacep assesses policies and procedures executed by quality assurance and accreditation agencies.

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  • Scholarships for Young Engineers based on Sustainability
  • AACEP Leading the Path on Academic Quality Assurance
  • AACEP Regional Conference in Chicago starts in February!









American Association of Certified
Engineering Professionals

Become a member of our accreditation council, you will be able to get
accredited all over the world revealing a positive educational image.

The governing officials of accreditation council makes sure to create
associations and alliances for its members to flourish and create
extraordinary standards worldwide.

We motivate students and educational institutions to be a significant
part of our accreditation council and earn international prestige in a
remarkable manner. We aim to expand our network in different
countries to go global on a larger scale.

It is significant for you to share your approach to become our member
which would be appreciated by our officials to get along with
the procedure of making you our valuable member.

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